The sacrament of Reconciliation (previously known as Confession) is one of healing and forgiveness.

The Reconciliation Stole is hand crafted from 75mm wide (professional sash grade) single-sided satin ribbon with 75mm bullion fringing to complete the sash/stole. 

The Baptism Motif of the candle and water is placed on the lower section of the stole with a Cross Motif to represent the sacrament of Reconciliation is placed above the Baptism motif.

Your child's Christian name is vertically printed with gold or silver metallic print on the opposite side of the stole. (one name only)

This stole is designed to be 'updated' with further sacramental motifs when required, (Eucharist and Confirmation) making it a lasting keepsake of your child's religious journey.

All motifs on this stole are approx 80% smaller than normal motifs to ensure adequate available space for future motifs.

This stole is NOT embroidered


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RECONCILIATION Stole / Sash Personalised Style2

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